Machining Technology

For high precision.

Our Metal Cutting Division offers you an extensive selection of high-quality cutting tools, threading tools, coolant hoses, metal saw bands, metal circular saw blades and more.

Milling: universal milling cutters, diamond milling cutters, screw-in milling cutters….

Drilling: Center drill, Solid carbide drill, Special drill….

Lowering: Solid carbide grinding and countersinking tools….

Rotate: Tungsten carbide turning tools, blanks, knurling tools….

Solid carbide tools: cutters, screw-in cutters, thread cutters, special cutters, drills, reaming and countersinking tools, saw blades….

Everything from a single source:
We carry out the calibration for you unproblematic via a partner of many years’ standing, which issues ISO calibration certificates and, of course, DAkkS certificates on request.
Our range of services also includes the regrinding of tools and the professional repair of indexable insert carrier tools; special tools can also save time and money when machining, for example, by combining different operations in a single operation. With our services you can improve the tool life of your tools, reduce your production costs and optimize processes.

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