Specialist Advice

Individual advice from the professional.

Together we solve the special requirements in all processing trades and in industry.
You will receive individual advice tailored to your company’s needs and requirements.
We advise you professionally in the following areas:

  • Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Technical consulting
  • factory equipment




Our PPE specialist advisors are available to advise you.

In addition to risk avoidance and employee training, personal protective equipment is one of the most important areas of occupational health and safety. Personal protective equipment must be used in all work and activities which, due to their nature, could cause injury or damage to health and which cannot be prevented by other measures. Our PPE expert advisor will be at your side to advise you! Specially trained, he will provide you with all the legal requirements for the placing on the market and the use of personal protective equipment. Frequent changes in laws, regulations and standards can also be completely covered.


Competent advice from head to toe:

fall protection, antistatic, work gloves, respiratory protection, eye protection, chemical protection, foot measurement, ear protection, heat protection, cold protection, knee protection, head protection, arc protection, welding protection, safety shoes, warning protection.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.








To the inquiry


Professional advice for the optimal use of precision tools.

Precision technology is a demanding and often consulting-intensive field. Our application engineers are there to help you with words and deeds. Specialists, who distinguish themselves through regular further training, inform you across all products, react to your individual requirements and actively advise you on the pre-selection of tools. In addition to classic specialist consulting, we also support you in the CAD CAM area.
By means of feasibility studies and collision analyses we show you optimal possibilities for the use of tools and machines and thus prevent misinvestments.

If required for machine tools, measuring machines or tool presetting devices, we organize regional demonstrations for you in order to meet your individual requirements as an operator.

We are looking forward to your inquiry.







Interior Planner

We optimize your logistic processes.

Whether warehouse or workshop, assembly, production, social room or office:
Whatever you want to set up, we support you comprehensively and competently from planning to customer service. 
Are you planning a larger project? Then we will be happy to advise you personally and analyse your individual needs together. Assembly and maintenance are also part of our services. With us you get everything from a single source and for your and every challenge always the optimal workstation.

Goods Delivery Systems

For your efficient and safe tool supply, always available 24/7
We offer: Drawer, spiral and cycle drawer automats, vertical cabinets, paternoster, lift systems, rack storage.

Your advantages:

  • fast order transfer
  • Availability 365 days a year
  • Transparent information, statistics and costs
  • shorter delivery times due to online ordering system
  • no uncontrolled stocks of drawers
  • Reduction of tool diversity
  • Reduce deployment effort
  • Reduction of inventory and current stock
  • Savings in tool consumption

We are looking forward to your inquiry.


Information flyer for Goods Delivery Systems

Information flyer for Goods Delivery Systems
Information flyer for Goods Delivery Systems from SupplyPoint