Measurement Technology

For the right level of quality.

For the professional user and his various applications in measuring and weighing, you will find an extensive selection of tried and tested tools in our online shop.

Dial gauges: Thickness gauges, small dial gauges, lever gauges…
Magnifying glasses: handheld-, watchmaker’s-, stand-up- and folding magnifier, thread counter…
Micrometer screws: U-bolts and inside micrometers….
Calipers: Digital, universal, workshop and depth calipers….
Checking and testing equipment: Parallel and angular gauge blocks….
Angle: precision-, locksmith’s- and centering angle, protractor, compasses with pointed and perforated holes….

We calibrate for you, if desired also with test certificate: Certified companies must prove procedures for the monitoring of test equipment.
Proof of a test equipment monitoring is also required by many end customers. To this end, we offer you a range of services for your testing and measuring equipment. We carry out the calibration for you unproblematic via a partner of many years’ standing, which issues ISO calibration certificates and, of course, DAkkS certificates on request.


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