Tool Technology

We have the stuff for every plant.

We offer you an extensive selection of high-quality hand tools from well-known brands. You will find everything you need in the workshop or on the construction site in our product range.

Screws: Torque wrenches, ratchets, offset screwdrivers….
Loops: Brushes, files, sandpaper….
Whipping: Mallet, roofing hammer, locksmith’s hammer….
Cutting: Knives, sheet metal shears, disc cutters….
Saws: Metal saws, hole saws, concrete saws….
Chiselling: center punches, punch letters, pin punches, mandrels…
Rivets: Blind riveting pliers, blind riveting tools….

Of course, we also offer you the optimal accessories for all tools in our shop, such as saw blades, handles, blades and greases. We also have a wide range of tool bags and cases to help you store and protect your tools.