Chemical-Technical Aids

Glue, silicones and more!

Our Chemicals division, which is predominantly managed in ZWPro’s own brands, offers you a wide range of products in excellent quality from the brands ZWPro, Hanno, Tesa, Patex, Uhu, Loctite, Kleiberit, Ponal, Clou and many more. If you have any questions or requests concerning construction chemistry and the appropriate application solutions, we are happy to be your competent contact and system consultant.

Acrylic: Parquet acrylic, Structural acrylic, Joint acrylic…
Silicones: natural stone silicone, sanitary silicone, window building silicone…
Adhesive: construction adhesive, sealing adhesive…
Foams: winter foam, pistol foam….
Sealing tapes: joint sealing tapes, foil tapes….
Adhesive tapes: mirror tapes, packaging tapes, cleaning tapes….
Adhesives: installation adhesive, power adhesive, PUR adhesive….